Who We Are

We are just as eager as you are to get stuck into the juicy details of what we have on offer!  But please take out a few minutes to learn about who we are, and how our strong foundations will inshaAllah help to deliver good results.

Al Abbasi Holdings Ltd is an experienced and well-established General Investments Group, and has been delivering projects of excellence across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) for the past decade.  Our core business activity is real estate development and construction, in which the Group has executed development projects throughout KSA and across a wide cross section of residential and commercial sectors.

We place great pride in our high quality of workmanship top-down through the organisation, as well as emphasising on completing projects on time, to budget, and also to rigorous standards.  The vast experience and benefits gained through implementing these development projects, coupled with a strong leadership team has allowed the Group to broaden its activity into the areas of (1) real estate land trading (2) construction equipment supply (3) date farm management and dates exporting (4) motor vehicle imports & sales.

The Group is registered in KSA with the General Investment Authority and is therefore in a position of strength with regards to undertaking and executing projects on a formal basis; thus providing real transparency and confidence to our partners, shareholders and investors alike.

Al Abbasi Holdings Ltd operates on a platform of total Shariah compliance, and the Group’s objective is to provide investors ongoing access to exceptional halal projects.  Our pragmatic approach ensures our projects are re-executable and projected returns are achievable.  The Group’s Founders have a very strong Islamic educational background and thus it was easy for them to develop the system from the grassroots upto what it is today.  These principles apply not only to the projects and initiatives that are identified and executed; but extend throughout the culture of the Group, as well as to the day to day activities of the leadership team.  We pray that Allah ta’ala grants us the ability to remain steadfast on this.