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Al Abbasi | Embodying Complete Dedication & Trust - Full Stop!

We Offer YOU the Alternative Investment Journey Right Here in ‘Paradise on Earth’

Everyone yearns for a little slice of ease and comfort, whether its miles of desolate white-sand beaches, acres of rolling, untouched countryside, or just security and spare cash for a rainy day.  And ‘why not’, we can hear you saying.  For having a good quality of life is essential, especially considering that we are very temporary dwellers on this vast and complicated planet earth.  Well, here is our humble attempt to try and offer you a genuine opportunity.  Do you want to free yourself from the headache and worry of managing your wealth?  Are you still searching for that ideal investment?  Want to know where to find complete dedication and trust? InshAllah, we are about to shed some light on an investment journey that many people can only contemplate of being able to take part in.  To tell you the truth, we are very grateful ourselves for being able to present this great opportunity to you!

Let’s begin by reminding ourselves of the countless bounties and favours that Allah has given to us, just by way of having the gift of wealth to consume on ourselves and others in this world:

۔۔۔ اَللّٰھُمَّ رَبَّنآ ۔۔۔ وَارْزُقْنا وَ اَنْتَ خَیْرُالرّٰزِقِیْن— ۱۱۴
‘…Oh Allah our Lord!…and provide for our sustenance, for You are the best Sustainer’  – Surah 5 (al Ma’idah), verse 114.

Now let’s go one step further and imagine that same wealth to be located and managed within the best of neighbourhoods and cities.  Our Holy Prophet sallalahu-alayhi-wassalam stated within a Hadeeth:

اَللّٰھُمَّ اجْعَلْ بِلْمَدِیْنَۃَ ضِعْفَیْ مَا بِمَکَّۃَ مِنَالْبَرَکَۃ
 ‘Oh Allah, put in Madinah double of what you have put in Makkah, in terms of blessings (and increase)’ – Saheeh Bukhari/Muslim.

And we request Allah ta’ala to bless our efforts with goodness and true success:

 ۔۔۔رَبِّ اجْعَلْ ھٰذَابَلَدًااٰمِنًاوَّارْزُقْ اَھْلَہُ مِنَ الثَّمَرٰتِ ۔۔۔
 ‘…My Lord, make this a City of peace, and feed its people with fruits…’ – Surah 2 (al Baqarah), verse 126.

Al Abbasi Holdings Ltd executes real-estate development and general investments solutions right here in this blessed city of Madinah al Munawwarah.  We are committed to delivering results whilst maintaining a high level of integrity and professionalism.  So if you’re interested in investing into an organisation that lives and breathes these high standards, and which operates in the city that was favoured and chosen by Allah to be the dwelling place for his Habeeb sallalahu-alayhi-wassalam, then please read on


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