Saudi Arabia – The Al Abbasi Advantage

Our daily focus and activity has always followed a simple chain: identifying the project opportunity e.g. acquiring land or property, maximising project potential through excellent planning, project execution e.g. development & construction, followed up by a market astute exit strategy and the generation of profit revenue.

The Al Abbasi Advantage is our Knowledge, Experience and Capability

Al Abbasi Holdings Ltd’s founder & CEO Mr. Fazal Ur Rahman Al Abbasi has immersed himself in real-estate development over the last 10 years.  He has forensic knowledge of Madinah sharif land assets and has also created the Group’s wider investment structure to enable the Group to pass on its success to all its stakeholders and thus create enhanced communities.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is not only one of the fastest developing; it is also one of the most secure.  The need for house building, infrastructure development, and provision of increased services features prominently in daily news articles across the country.  Investors will come and go depending on their individual circumstances – the ‘Housing Shortage’ will not.


Traditional house builders in developed nations worldwide were crippled by the global economic downturn and stiffening of bank lending ratios.  Al Abbasi Holdings Ltd’s strategic location in KSA means that we do not rely on these artificial measures, and thus for many years the Group has concentrated on securing and developing prime assets as well as providing other investment services to end users in this cash rich economy.


Al Abbasi Holdings Ltd brings together leading expertise in the property investment, development, construction, and general investments sectors.  We are an active and innovative real estate development & general investments Group.  One of our objectives is to shape the landscape of modern living for this blessed City and beyond.