The Steadfast KSA

A Housing Shortage and a World Class Developing Nation

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has the most mature property market in the Middle East, regardless of any impact, regional conflicts, neighbouring and global faltering economies, or even simply the hot weather!  The KSA property and general services market remains solid and is steadily rising; and is the most dynamic market in the Middle East without question!

Al Abbasi Holdings Ltd understands that in this developing age, never has taking care of fundamentals been more important.  The geo-political and socio-economic landscape of the world has fast evolved, and a new ‘investment era’ is upon us.  However, like ripples in a pond the property and general services markets in the KSA benefit from waves of capital appreciation that emanate from the centre of the main cities.  More specifically for our Group, Madinah al Munawwarah is the very same City where the first lesson of personal & business excellence was taught.  To attain this blessed alliance of location, the Group decided to base its expertise and operations right here in this blessed and peaceful city, and the Group now aspires to take this important lesson to the world through its products and services.

The KSA and its main cities, and more so Madinah sharif, have a global reputation as peaceful locations.  Madinah sharif is a celebrated destination for businesses and visitors from all over the world.  With its diverse mix of people and cultures, it has something for everyone, including housing the headquarters of Al Abbasi Holdings Ltd.  In an ever more competitive global economy it has never been more important to have a base in such a blessed and strategic location.

Can We Deliver?

Our modus operandi is simple: we agree from the outset what our stakeholders want from a project, and then we design and execute a strategy to fulfil the project objectives.  We have faced many challenges in our journey to excellence and with Allah’s help we have always been competent enough to surpass them.  Please read on to get a detailed appreciation of this claim…..