Purpose & Vision

How it All Started

Al Abbasi Holdings Ltd is headquartered in Madinah Sharif, in the very same city where the first lesson of personal & business excellence was taught.  Through this blessed alliance of location, the Group aspires to take this important lesson to the world through its products and services.

The Group’s founders and their extended family are descendants of Hazrat Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib radhiAllahu anhu, the paternal uncle of the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wassalam.  The Abbasi Caliphate was established by the Abbasi clan, who continued to successfully implement the principles of Islam in wider society through five prosperous centuries.  Aside from this they strengthened the Islamic business foundations of fair, just, ethically correct and principle based services and trading.  It is these very same principles that make up the back-bone of the Group’s Vision & Purpose, as well its daily operating practices, and we will continue to offer this as our first and only choice of system.

Group’s Purpose:        to facilitate its stakeholders to operate in the most meaningful way

Group’s Vision:            to establish principle based and excellence driven business models, adding value to all stakeholders lives