CEO’s Message

Fazal Ur Rahman Al Abbasi – Chairman & CEO

First and foremost, we all believe and know that conducting business & trade correctly is a form of worship; and worship always conforms to an ideology and principles.  Our ideology is Islam, and Islam has given us the complete framework within which to operate our business & trade activities.  We are confident and sure that any individual or organisation that adopts this system within their vision & purpose will attain true business success, and will bring happiness and peace to their and the lives of people around them.  We at Al Abbasi Holdings Ltd have also taken a few steps on this blessed journey, and I am certain that due to this the Group will taste ongoing success, inshaAllah!

In a faltering global economy, never have investment fundamentals been more important.  But having a clear vision & purpose, strengthened by an experienced and dynamic team, coupled with a large network of contacts around the word has best positioned the Group to unlock the true potential in many investment initiatives.

The last few years have been difficult for all areas of industry and enterprise throughout the world.  Businesses have had to navigate through the rough waters of managing extremely tight budgets and costs, whilst still trying to make a profit.  At this same time we continued our blessed journey in the city of Madinah al Munawwarah, the place where the first ‘business & trade with excellence’ lessons were practically taught.  And with these blessings, despite the tough global economic scenario, the Group has completed on an increased volume of transactions, and we continue to make good returns for our stakeholders.

For the future the Group intends to take these lessons of business & trade excellence to the wider world by further investing in products and services that are generally needed by human beings today.  We will do this in a totally Shariah compliant way throughout the Group’s supply chain, from purchase of materials, or planting the seeds, or digging the foundations, right through to sales of goods and accounting for our profits or losses.

Our Group’s vision & purpose is dedicated to all our stakeholders alike in realising their ultimate purpose.  That is why in the past decade the Group has been keen to maintain a hard and flexible working attitude that has always rewarded our workforce, our partners, and most importantly you, our investors! You may want to consider joining us and travel on this meaningful way and journey…..

Wassalamu-alaykum & Warm Regards,

Fazal Ur Rahman Al Abbasi