Strategic Alliances


The Group is honoured to have good links with Timelenders, a management consulting and training firm with a vision of helping individuals and organisations to develop a meaningful life and existence.  Timelenders encourages individuals and organisations to do this by having:

  • a worthy and powerful vision
  • the ability to prioritise our individual and organisational lives around this vision, and to drive this prioritisation with determination
  • the ability to share this vision with others and then to inspire people to pursue this shared vision

To achieve the above goals, Timelenders delivers training, coaching and consulting courses and workshops.  The Group itself has benefited immensely from this very vision, and desires to continue spreading this essential message via its daily and ongoing actions, inshaAllah.

Ideas & Buildings

We are pleased to introduce you to Ideas & Buildings, an important cog in our supply chain.  Ideas & Buildings is an organisation specialising in the supply of construction and building materials to the real estate development industry, both residential and commercial.


MAK DHEDHI VENTURES Limited is one of our strategic partners in the real estate industry.  MAKDV has nearly four decades experience in the residential and commercial development sector, and has naturally positioned itself into becoming one of the region’s leading developers.  MAKDV prides itself on providing exclusive and quality real estate solutions, thus earning itself a unique trademark and reputation throughout all of its stakeholders.